Introduction to the Task Force

Work is being done by a Task Force that is conducting a review of the culture and decisions of the ABC District that led to its 2015 CEF crisis. We are reviewing everything possible to determine what led our District to this point, and will be making recommendations for improvements that will help us fulfill the Great Commission better as God’s church in 21st-century Canada.

The District Board of Directors appointed initial members, and then asked the Task Force to do any further appointing of members themselves. This was to ensure that it's clear that the Board was not directing or influencing the Task Force unduly. It’s necessary that members be familiar with ABC District culture and history, yet are at “arm’s length” from the current District leadership. The Task Force members are Deborah Belden of Summerland, BC, Marlis Kreuger of Calgary, AB, and Rev. Michael Schutz of Penticton, BC. Each member brings a different set of expertise to contribute to the review.

We want to make it absolutely clear that the District Board has given us wide latitude, and other than asking us to conduct the review, is not directing our work in any way. They have given access to any documents and people we believe might help us get to a good understanding of what led us here. We've made a progress report/introduction to the ABC District Convention in May 2015, and have released our first report. A final report will be presented in spring 2016. For more information on the details of what we've been tasked with, please read through our mandate.