Regarding a Second Report and LCC Restructuring

In response to the inquiries we are receiving, this is a brief update regarding our second report and our Task Force’s involvement in the LCC restructuring process.

Re: A Second Report

Unfortunately we are not able to provide any specific information regarding a timeline for preparing and issuing a second report. As indicated in our first report, we had planned to issue one in late spring of 2016. However, a number of factors outside of our control have prevented that from happening. We continue to be in dialogue with the ABC Board of Directors and will provide further updates when we are able. If you have further questions please contact the ABC Board of Directors directly.

Re: LCC Restructuring Process

The Task Force has had no formal input into the LCC restructuring process. It does not appear at this time that we will have formal input into the process. We invite interested parties to contact the CCMS for more information.